• Why I got involved… Spotlight on Jennifer Walker

    Like several of the people involved with Twice Upon a Time, I am a librarian.  When I was six years old, my public library branch in my hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario had a visit from Polkaroo.  This was the ’80s, and I don’t think anyone was more popular with the six-year-old set than Polkaroo.  Not only did I see him in the library, but when he and his handler (yes, he had a handler) left, I caught a glimpse of them outside the library walking away.  No one else was around and I felt like I had had a special audience with Polkaroo.  I like to say I became a librarian because – obviously! – a library was where you could have Polkaroo at your job. 

    Books and reading are why I am where I am today and have informed so much of my life. Libraries and bookstores are easily among my favourite places in the world, and a book given to me to keep was always a treasured item.  I wasn’t great at sports, and I had no musical talent to speak of, but I was that kid that loved to read.  That love of reading informed my entire upbringing, and I am very fortunate to have been able to turn that passion into educational success.

    After completing a Bachelor of Education program, I changed paths and entered librarianship.  I found that my love of research and the immense satisfaction I got from helping others were both met in the library field. It is through librarianship that I met Alexandra Yarrow, and when she announced she was starting this project, I was immediately excited to lend a hand.  In a volunteer literacy organization I worked with previously, we would end each year with the children receiving a free book, picked out for them by their reading tutor.  The book presentation ceremony was always a highlight of the year, and it was truly wonderful to see each child’s reaction to having a book of their own to take home.

    I think access to books and a supportive environment that creates and nurtures a love of reading is of critical importance to young minds.  Literacy opens doors and takes you places. Twice Upon a Time will occupy a very special place in the community – a non-commercial, fun, inclusive, and caring place for kids to start their own love of reading with books of their very own to read, re-read, and cherish with no strings attached.  I am very excited for what the future holds for our program!     — Jennifer Walker

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