• Welcome to our new board members

    On January 15th, the board of directors (B o D) of Twice Upon a Time held the first meeting for 2017.  There are many familiar faces are around the table who bring a significant amount of continuity and depth of knowledge about our programs.  Two new board members have joined our eager team; Ranya is our new Treasurer and Jennifer L is our new Lead of Communications and Marketing.  We welcome them both.  Below is a photo from our first meeting; from left to right: Kim, Leslie, Tori, Jennifer L, Barb, Lindsey, Alexandra, Ranya, Jennifer W., Karen, Marni, and Helena.

    Board of directors photo  

    Our B o D meets ten times a year to discuss projects, operations, and finance. We often follow the meeting with a “sorting party” to organise new acquisitions and ensure they are distributed to our locations. You can see a box of books in the foreground of the photo that is waiting to be sorted!

    The top 5 priorities for Twice Upon a Time in 2017 include:  

    1. Growing our selection of books, including
       a. Increasing our selection of French materials
       b. Advancing the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action through our Indigenous Materials Initiative to model diversity to all children visiting us at any location
       c. Acquiring books for children with low vision and learning disabilities
    2. Increasing our partnerships with community organisations and “getting the word out” about our services
    3. Recognising our volunteers, without whom we would not be here at all, and growing our volunteer base 
    4. Expanding our services in communities that are interested, and via our growing network of partners
    5. Developing our fundraising strategy in order to ensure we’re on firm footing to give away 5,000 books in 2017!

    We are thrilled to be starting such an exciting year and look forward to promoting the joy of reading, and the joy of book ownership, to children in our local communities.

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