• Michaels Book Drive

    Twice Upon a Time – Free Books for Ottawa Kids – is so lucky to be benefiting from the charitable work of Michaels Arts & Crafts Store on Iris Street, Ottawa.  Michaels conducts an annual book drive and this year Twice Upon a Time was selected as their charitable partner.  We were absolutely thrilled!

    So far, Michaels book drive has collected just shy of 900 books for Twice Upon a Time and we’ve just learned the book drive will be extended until April the 28th!  There are books for big kids and little kids. Classics novels such as Little Women and Where the Red Fern Grows as well as licensed soft cover books with Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse.  Michaels has also introduced new trivia books and Discovery Kids books.

    The books are available for purchase right near the cash.  They sell for $1, at which point the customer decides to donate or keep the book.

    Twice Upon a Time would like to extend a most sincere thanks to Michaels on Iris Street for their support and for the incredible work they do within the Ottawa community.

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