• Thank you Mme. Rachel’s Grade 1’s!

    Fostering a love of reading and supporting literacy is at the centre of what we do. We were thrilled to receive a donation from local Ottawa teacher, Mme. Rachel, on behalf of her Grade 1 class in celebration of their reading this year. Mme. Rachel’s French Immersion class at Broadview Public School read a remarkable total of 2880 French books from November to June!

    The twenty students read all kinds of books about animals, science, transportation, and much more. Students received a certificate and prize after reading 100 books. Eli Mallach read a grand total of 500 French books this school year after learning that another student had read 500 books a few years prior.

    Following Mme. Rachel’s generous donation, parents of the Grade 1 class decided to match her donation as a “thank you” for her marvelous teaching this year. We are so thankful to have received over $500 in donations from Mme. Rachel and her class!

    Twice Upon a Time would like to offer a big CONGRATULATIONS to Mme. Rachel’s class! Well done on reading 2880 books (that’s like, a lot of books!!), and thank you for sharing your love of reading with us. Thank you to Mme. Rachel for inspiring your students to reach such an amazing accomplishment and for supporting our mission to develop children’s literacy in Ottawa.


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