• Sophia Makes a Difference!

    Sophia donated many books to Twice Upon a Time through a school book drive at her school

    Sophia organised a book drive for Twice Upon a Time for her school project “To Do Something Kind”.

    On Saturday, January 14th, a young girl named Sophia Ballafini approached the Twice Upon a Time – Free Books for Kids – pop-up store at the Overbrook Community Centre (CC) to talk about her school project. Sophia, a grade 3 student at Steve MacLean Public School, explained how she was working on a project called “To Do SomethingKind”.  Sophia likes to read (her favourite book is Harry Potter!) and she wanted to organize a book drive at her school so that children in need could own their own books as well. Sophia found Twice Upon a Time online and decided it was the charity she wanted to support.  We were thrilled!

    Sophia organizes the books

    Sophia spent the time to organize all 312 books she donated to Twice Upon a Time.

    On Saturday January 28th it was Sophia’s 9th birthday and she choose to spend her day dropping off the books she had collected to the Overbrook CC.  She had collected 352 books in total and had sorted through them all and felt that 312 would be suitable for Twice Upon a Time.  She had also taken the time to sort them into the different categories such as chapter books, pictures books and she labeled the boxes accordingly.  One of the boxes was labeled “great ones” and Sophia explained that these were the ones she thought were the best.  She helped put some of the books on the book cart so they would be ready to be chosen by the children that day.

    Sophia is a kind and thoughtful girl and she has personally made a difference in the lives of others.  Many children will experience the joy of reading because of Sophia.  Thank you Sophia and thanks to the students and staff at Steve MacLean Public School for donating all the wonderful books!

    Submitted by Karen Perras,
    Site Lead for Overbrook Community Centre,
    Twice Upon a Time – Free Books for Ottawa Kids / Il était deux fois – Livres gratuits pour les enfants d’Ottawa
    Registered Charity No. 803095777 RR0001
    Twitter: @FreeBooksOttawa
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