• Our Indigenous Materials Project

    Last month, Twice Upon a Time formally wrapped up our two-year Indigenous Materials Campaign. The campaign was launched in 2017, and was designed to help support the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action #62, #63 and #93 by putting children’s books by and about Canada’s Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) into the hands of Ottawa’s kids. These materials are urgently needed to support youngsters of all backgrounds in understanding the variety of experiences that tell the whole Canadian story, but regretfully we receive very few donations of books of this type. This project sought to raise funds to buy these books and give them out at all of our locations.

    Over the two years of this campaign, generous donations supported the expenditure of more than $2500 to purchase 270 high-quality, beautiful, and diverse books for our delighted young readers. The books were eagerly snapped up by children visiting our locations, and the feedback was fantastic. One youngster picked a book with an inukshuk on the cover and said in wonder “This is my country”.  Another reader, a girl aged 10, came across the book “I Am Not A Number” by Jenny Kay Dupuis, the story of a First Nations girl sent to residential school. She picked it up and said “I read this book! It’s so important.” She then found four of her friends and read the story to them right on the spot. These books are making a difference.

    We have recently launched a new project for 2019 (you can read more about that here), but we truly believe in the power and importance of making books by and about Canada’s Indigenous people available to the children and families in our community. As such, the Indigenous Materials campaign remains an active fund for donors to contribute to, and we will continue to supplement our book collection with purchases in this area.

    We are deeply grateful the support we received for this project, so from all of us at Twice Upon a Time, thank you!


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