• All About: Board Books!

    All through 2019, Twice Upon a Time will be writing about different kinds of books that we collect for children who visit our locations. This month is about all board books.

    When people ask Twice Upon a Time which kinds of books we need more of, we always mention board books. These books are small but incredibly important for our youngest readers. If you’re wondering what a board book is, read on!

    Board books are books made out of a sturdy cardboard. Instead of traditional paper pages, each page is a printed on a heavy, thick, and well-coated cardboard. These are made so that babies and young toddlers who aren’t able to gently turn a traditional paper page (and who like to chew or throw almost everything!) are able to learn how to hold and read a book without the book being ruined. You will often see that board books are smaller and have rounded edges, which are better for smaller hands.

    Board books are usually picture books, and are often written specifically for babies and young children who might not be ready for a story, but are learning numbers, colours, or the alphabet.

    In recent years, however, more and more story books are being put into the board book format, which is great for families with children at different ages and where a paper book might be good for one child to hold and read, but not another.

    Board books are very popular at our sites that serve families with babies and toddlers, but unfortunately we aren’t always able to keep up with the demand. As we mostly use donated books that are in excellent condition, board books often do not meet our quality check. Board books are designed to be roughly handled, thrown, chewed, and otherwise well-loved, so most won’t have a second life as a donation.

    If you’d like to donate board books to Twice Upon a Time, here are some ideas:

    • Like-new or new books only, please!
    • Books with bright colours, bold pictures, and fun tactile features (think Pat the Bunny) are very popular
    • French board books are in very high demand

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